How do you reset security phone codes on a Nokia 3120 Classic?


To reset the security codes of a Nokia 3120 classic, you can use a black box to reset the phone to factory settings. You could also use the Nokia Store Service Suite to do this.
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1. Press the "Menu" key on the Nokia 3120 Classic's home screen. 2. Select "Settings" and select "Security Settings" from the list of available options
I put a security code to my Nokia 3120 classic mobile. But suddenly it asking me the security code n when i provide the correct one it says code error. doesn't
-take ur phone to nokia care with ur i.d and purchase/contract papers to prove its ur phone, and they will unlock it and reset the lock code for u. Its the only way.
The master code is specific
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How to Reset Security Phone Codes of a Nokia 3120 Classic
The security code for the Nokia 3120 Classic can be used to block certain functions of the phone. You can restrict calls and block access to the phone's SIM card using the security settings. Changing the security codes for the phone helps to ensure that... More »
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