How to Reset the Leapster?


Reset the Leapster by locating the small black 'Reset' button behind the batteries in the battery compartment. Open the compartment, remove all of the batteries then press the 'Reset' button. Replace all the batteries and close the compartment cover.
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1. Verify that the batteries are functioning and are oriented the right way. The polarity of the batteries should match the diagram on the inside of the battery housing. If you're
If your Stylus Pen does not respond to your Leapster 2, it needs to be calibrated. Calibrating the Leapster 2 is easy. Ensure NO GAME is in unit. Power Unit off. While turning Leapster
Don't hold it down at first, hold it down while the unit is powering on, meaning after you press the power button, then hold the ? down. "Instructions. 1 Remove any software
The Leapfrog Leapster is a handheld electronic game system for children ages 5 to 8. It uses a video screen and elements of playtime to teach and reinforce educational concepts. The
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