How to Restore Taskbar to Default?


To restore taskbar to default, use the following steps; Right-click any blank area of the task bar and then select 'Properties' in the pop-up menu. Click 'Customize' in the 'Properties' window and select the 'Restore Default Icon Behaviors' option at the bottom of the window. The task bar should revert to its original settings.
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1. Click "Start" and choose "Control Panel. 2. Click "Appearance and Personalization. 3. Click "Taskbar and Start Menu. 4. Click the "Auto-hide the taskbar
Go to the recycle bin and open it up. Then select the deleted icon and select restore.
Try 'system restore' to just prior to when you made the changes. If that doesn't work. You should have a recovery disk CD that you got with the PC. If not press F11 when the machine
Hiya Thanks for the log. This still needs to be fixed. O3 - Toolbar: I.R.I.S. Desktop Search - {577EBCA9-8ED3-45FC-A514-55B3817D4BCF} - C:\Program Files\IRIS Desktop Search\IRISDesktopSearchIntegration910
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Restoring default desktop icons depends on the windows you are using. For a windows seven, start by right-clicking an empty part of the desktop and choose 'Properties ...
Resetting a Compaq laptop can be done from the boot menu. When the computer first starts up hit the F2 button. Go to the settings menu and restore to default should ...
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