Restore Windows XP to Factory Settings?


Windows XP is an operating system produced by Microsoft. It is considered very steady and user friendly. To restore Windows XP to factory settings, you first have to turn off the system making sure that you have unplugged all external devices like scanner connected to it. Turn on the system and back up your files, restore your PC by clicking on the ?Start? button on the lower left corner of your desktop. Clicking this will bring up the ?Start? menu. On that popup menu, select ?Accessories? from the applications listed on the ?Program Files? menu. On the opened sub menu, choose and click ?System tools? and select ?System Restore? from the ?System tools? sub menu. This should offer you a new menu where you will proceed to specifying the system restoration configuration.
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1. Plug the HP laptop in to a power source, and turn it on. A system recovery can be time-consuming and you should not rely on battery power. 2. Close any programs that might open
I don't know if this works for windows xp, but I do it for my sister and she uses vista. On the startup you press the. esc. key and then press. f11. for some help centre thing. There
Windows XP periodically records a snapshot of your computer.
Locate your recovery media. Check your computer manual or the Dell support page for your system on what kind of restore function your computer has. Some models will come with a recovery
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