How to Retape a Bat?


When your grip or tape on your bat gets old it is nice to retape it. First mark where your current tape is on the bat. Then you can remove the old tape or grip. Make sure you clean the area where you are going to be taping so that you have a smooth surface to work with. Before you wrap your bat you will need to choose the tape you want to use. Every player likes a different style and type of tape. This part is up to you. Now you are ready to tape your bat. Sit down and put the bat between your legs. Unroll some of your tape and begin placing it on your bat. Start by putting is the end of the tape just below the knob at a slight angle. Now you can wind the tape down the bat keeping tension until you have reached your mark and then cut the tape. Wrap a piece of tape around your top and bottom edge smoothing it out to get a good seal. Once you have finished you are ready for batting practice or the big game. For more information look here: Taping your baseball bat;
Q&A Related to "How to Retape a Bat?"
1. Run the box-cutter blade along the length of the bat handle, cutting into the old grip. Start near the barrel of the bat where the old tape or grip begins and cut toward the handle
My (and now my son's) favorite tape-job is done like this: Start by wrapping several times just above the knob to your desired thickness (provides a good padded base) Once that's
What Joseph M said. A little advice, If you wrap some tape around the nob to make it bigger then it will give you more leverage in your swing.
Throw out the old tape. Scrape off all remaining glue and sticky stuff off the bat. Wrap the new tape starting at the bottom using a pattern that will move the tape up the handle.
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