How to Reverse Bad Luck?


To reverse bad luck, you need to reverse the energies you placed on a person. If the bad luck is placed on you, seek divine intervention by praying using one of the prayer methods in your religion. Placing bad luck on someone is a belief; if you believe in it and wish bad luck on someone, use a remedy set out by the same belief to lift the curse.
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1. Confirm it's bad luck. Make sure you're really having bad luck and not suffering from a mental or physical condition. People who are depressed or physically sick in some way may
Bad luck sometimes are caused by believing in myths. If you break a mirror you have seven years of bad luck. If you step on a crack in the concrete, you break your mother's back.
I don't believe breaking mirrors brings bad luck. I do,however,know that to change negativity,you have to change your attitude. In any situation,negative energy attracts negative
Don't kill a cricket again.
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7 years of bad luck is an old wives tale because it said that if you broke a mirror, it would take 7 years to be able to pay to replace it. If you want to reverse ...
Breaking a mirror is bad luck but fixing it would not reverse the bad luck nor bring good luck. If you were the one who broke the mirror, there are several ways ...
Luck can be defined as a bad or good fortune that occurs by chance or accident. Most of these occurrences are explained by faith and superstitious beliefs and ...
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