How to Revive a Puppy?


To revive a puppy, lay the puppy on a table on its side. Wipe out the mucus from its throat with a soft material. Open the its mouth and pull out the tongue. Find a way to keep the mouth open, maybe by using a wedge, and its tongue out. Using a respiratory bottle, pump air into the puppyÕs mouth, then apply pressure on its chest. Repeat the procedure until the puppy can be able to breathe on its own.
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1. Rescue your puppy from the water and place her on a flat surface on her right side. 2. Clear the puppy's airway of any obstructions. Sweep the tongue to one side with two fingers
I have within the passed 2 hours revived 1 of my 1 week old english bulldog puppys,the mother laid down and suffocated the puppy,im not sure how long it was out but it was not breathing
Puppies are born after a 59 to 63 day gestation period. The mother will go through two stages of labor, 'nesting' and delivery. During the nesting phase, your dog will dig a hole
1. Dig a trench around the base of the palm tree, taking care not to damage the roots with the shovel. 2. Place a hose into the trench and turn it on very slowly so the water drips
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