How to Revive a Puppy?


To revive a puppy, lay the puppy on a table on its side. Wipe out the mucus from its throat with a soft material. Open the its mouth and pull out the tongue. Find a way to keep the mouth open, maybe by using a wedge, and its tongue out. Using a respiratory bottle, pump air into the puppyÕs mouth, then apply pressure on its chest. Repeat the procedure until the puppy can be able to breathe on its own.
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1. Assess whether your puppy can breathe partially or not at all. If your dog is partially breathing, rush him to your vet. 2. Use your fingers to push your puppy's lips under his
I have within the passed 2 hours revived 1 of my 1 week old english bulldog puppys,the mother laid down and suffocated the puppy,im not sure how long it was out but it was not breathing
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