How to Rewire 110 to 220 Volt?


Rewiring the 110 to 220 volt may be a dangerous task. If ever you are not too sure about what you are going to do, it is recommended that you hire a professional to do the task for you. If you plan on doing it on your own, make sure that the electric power is off. This is a precaution to make sure that you will not get electrocuted. You would also need a transformer so that you can adjust the volt power of the item.
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A 220 volt receptacle is a receptacle which has 2 wires carrying 110 has two "hot" wires at 110 and a neutral or common leg which has no voltage. A 110 volt receptacle
1. Turn off the motor branch circuit's circuit breaker. Lock the circuit breaker panel to prevent someone from unknowingly turning the breaker back on while you are working on the
1. Connect your 110-V plug-in to a "step-up" power converter (see "Resource, below) 2. Connect the step-up adapter to the appropriate adapter plug; most converters
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