How to Rewire Headphones?


One way to rewire headphones is to find the bad wire and cut it. You cut back the outer layer around the wires until the wires are exposed. Connect wires, twist, and tape the wires. You can also rewire the headphones to add another jack if the jack is bad or replace longer pieces of wire that are bad.
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Lots of static usually indicates a frayed connection in the headphone wires. This is a common problem in most brands, as regular wear and tear takes its toll over time. The good news
First see if you can see where the damage is on the headphones. Is it on the wire, connector or unseen? If theres a noticeable tear on the wire then this is the simplest and fastest
You'll need to let us know what the model is because it might can have a 2.5mm, 3.5mm or 6.35mm jack plug. you will not be able to put the same plug back on there but you could buy
Okay, cut and strip the cord. There should be two copper wires and (on Sony headphones, at least) a red and a green strand. On a new 1/8" jack, there should be three connections
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