How do you rewire your house?


To rewire your house, first remove all the electric elements, such as switches and light fixtures. Then, remove the cover plates, remove the screws that hold the element in place and cut the household three-conductor cable to fit each run. After that, fasten one old wire from each element to the end of the cable and then run the wire. Next, drill a hole in the top of the wall and insert the wire from the breaker panel. Afterwards, fit a work junction box into each outlet and then attach the black wire to the top screw. Finally, match the wires from the cable to the wire leads.
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How Do I Rewire My House?
Electricity running through a building can be dangerous with inferior systems causing electrical fires, power outages and electrical shock. About 46,000 U.S. fires are caused each year by faulty electrical systems, according to the Consumer Product... More »
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