How to Ripen a Cantaloupe?


Cantaloupe is an excellent candidate for at home ripening. To ripen a cantaloupe, set the unripe melon on your countertop. If your home is kept very warm, be sure the melon is left in a cooler spot. Keeping it in a spot that is too warm will cause it to rot, instead of ripen. Allow the melon to stay on the counter top for several days. You should notice a change in color from green to white with a slight orange tinge. You can also smell the spot where the stem came from. When the melon is ripe you will be able to smell the melon from that spot.
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Some people shy away from purchasing cantaloupe because it's difficult to tell a good melon from a bad one. With its tough, netted rind, ripeness is not readily apparent on a cantaloupe
we put it in a worm place with a lot of sun light and it should only take a day or two. you dont want to put it into a HOT place because it will go bad.
sounds crazy but put you oven to 200 and throw it in for about 10-12 like a charm. Source(s) certified chef.
Cantaloupe is a great fruit that will compliment any other fruit or is
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