How to Roast a Pig's Head?


To roast a pig's head first make sure to rinse it off and add any seasonings that you would like on it. Pre-heat the oven to 375 degrees and place it in for about an hour and a half. Then reduce the heat and continue cooking for another two hours. It is a good idea to have foil on the ears at least for some of the cooking to keep them from burning. If you use honey you can continue to add that throughout the cooking process.
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1. Place the head in the sink and run cool water over it. Scrub all over the outside of the pork using the vegetable brush. 2. Cut off any excess fat hanging off of the head using
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1. Set the temperature of your grill around 200 to 250ºF (93. 3 to 121.1ºC) Generally, grills will have a built in thermometer where you can monitor the temperature. However
This is the way I do it, but there are several ways: First, figure how many people will be eating and is a roasted pig the main item you are serving. Go to a butcher at least 1 wk
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