How to Rob a Armor Truck?


If you want to rob an Armor truck it will take months of planing. You best bet is to have a few people working on the inside. Armour trucks are very well guarded not only with armor but with guns too.
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If robbing an armored truck were easy, they wouldn't serve
I'm pretty sure it's just called Armoured. I saw it but fell asleep.
1. Travel to New York. Select "Jobs. 2. Choose the "Enforcer" job tier. 3. Perform the Smuggle Thai Gems job for a chance to receive the armored truck as an item drop
an armored truck can not be unlocked
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The inside of a Brinks armored truck looks silver colored and has racks and hooks to contain bags of money and boxes of coins. There is also a bench for the armed ...
There are a number of different things to look at when it comes to armor truck security. Consider that there are different options and that these people can perform ...
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