How do you roll a neckerchief?


For you to roll the neckerchief you must first lay it out flat as a square in front of yourself. The you will fold it in half and forming a smooth triangle with the longest side of the triangle facing you. Now, you will take the point of the triangle which is at the top and roll it towards yourself, towards the longest end. Your end result is accomplished and you may wish to tie a piece of thread in the center to keep it rolled up. Good Luck!
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1. Fold the neckerchief in half diagonally to form a triangle with the seams around the edges of the neckerchief on the inside of the fold. Orient the neckerchief so the point of
1. Fold the handkerchief/headscarf diagonally to make a triangle. Ad. 2. Hold the folded edge to the nape of your neck and then bring the ends to the front, tying it in a knot at
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The Best Way to Roll a Neckerchief
A neckerchief consists of a triangular piece of cloth or a square of cloth folded into a triangle. Neckerchiefs are primarily associated with members of the United States Navy and the Boy Scouts of America. After rolling the long end of the scarf towards... More »
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