How do you roll a neckerchief?


A neckerchief is a square cloth worn around the neck that ties in the front. The neckerchief is most commonly associated with scouts, sailors and cowboys but has made its way into everyday fashion. Roll your neckerchief properly with these easy steps.

  1. Fold neckerchief diagonally

    Fold the neckerchief diagonally to form a triangle with the seams facing the inside. Place the folded neckerchief so that the point of the triangle is facing towards you.

  2. Fold up and over to the left

    Hold the neckerchief taut, and place two fingers from the left hand across the corner with your thumb below. Fold the neckerchief up and over fingers to the left.

  3. Fold up and over to the right

    Next, place two fingers from the right hand across the corner with your thumb below. And fold the neckerchief up and over fingers to the right.

  4. Repeat step two

    Once step two has been repeated, the neckerchief should start to form into a roll.

  5. Roll towards center

    Roll the neckerchief towards the center until it is a complete roll.

  6. Place around neck

    After the roll is complete, place the neckerchief around your neck. Leave it about four fingers longer on the left.

  7. Cross to form a "V"

    Cross the longer side of the neckerchief over the shorter side to form a "V" shape.

  8. Cross up, over and down

    Take the longer end of the V and cross it back up, over and down on the left side of the neckerchief.

  9. Form a loop

    Cross the long end over the short to form a loop.

  10. Form knot

    Finally, once the loop has been formed, bring the longer end through the loop to form a knot. The shape of the knot should look like an upside down "V" with the ends being the same length.

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The Best Way to Roll a Neckerchief
A neckerchief consists of a triangular piece of cloth or a square of cloth folded into a triangle. Neckerchiefs are primarily associated with members of the United States Navy and the Boy Scouts of America. After rolling the long end of the scarf towards... More »
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