How to Roll a Philly Blunt?


Phillie blunts are tobacco and marijuana rolled together. The term Phillie simply refers to the cigar brand wrapper. Cut open a cigar and remove the tobacco, add your filling, roll it back up and lick the wrapper to seal.
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Lick your blunt. Cut straight line. Slide the
Get off the weed. unless you have glaucoma.
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To roll a Philly blunt, start by wetting the outside thoroughly. Then, split it down the middle, remove the contents, and save the inner liner. Fold the inner ...
Okay, lets roll a blunt. First, you have to lick or otherwise moisten the outside, then make a slit down the center. Remove the rounded end, the tobacco, and the ...
Phillies blunt is a popular name for a particular size of Phillies cigars made in American. It is usually sold at convenience stores and gas stations, as well ...
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