How to Roll R?


To roll r is kind of difficult to explain, but here it goes. Your tongue should be right there where that ridge is behind your teeth. You will blow the air through your mouth, as if you were sighing, and hold your tongue to the top of your mouth. Don't hold it really tight, though. When the air goes out, it will make your tongue flap. For more information look here: Rolling the r;
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Rolling your r is not something you can just sit and practice and suddenly perfect. People that roll their r's have been doing it for a long time and it comes naturally to them.
1. Relax your mouth and tongue and keep your lips slightly open. Keep your mouth relaxed; if you purse your lips, your rolled R will come out too forceful. 2. Curl your tongue up
1 Listen to a foreign language radio or an Internet radio station, and take note of the pronunciation. It's easier to pick up the proper technique if you're exposed to it. Ad 2 Warm
There are three types of R-sounds, depending on the position of that essential organ of speech, the tongue. The trilled R as heard in some Mediterranean languages such as Italian's
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Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth at the back of your front teeth. Blow air across the top of your tongue and allow the tongue to vibrate. This will ...
First, you want to loosen up your tongue. Touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth and blow air through them. It takes a little practice but you'll ...
1. Open your mouth gently so that it hangs open comfortably. 2. Make a single tone with the sound "ah. You will use this tone when producing the trill. 3. ...
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