How do you run a summer camp?


Running a summer camp involves managing revenue, operating expenses and facilities, according to the American Camp Association (ACA). It's important to make a detailed business plan, determine the camp's philosophy and culture, analyze programs, study related laws and regulations, and perform proper recruitment, screening and training of personnel.

Summer camps that run well as a business are able to achieve their mission effectively, notes the ACA. Those that generate less money than they spend eventually fail. Anyone who aims to run a quality summer program must have persistence, intelligence, determination and attention to detail. A camp owner should measure and analyze the program's monthly enrollment and revenue, compare the previous and current enrollment, and file reports. Moreover, it's essential to offer quality instruction, properly maintained facilities and an organized program. Another valuable step is to discover a specific brand positioning by studying competitors, gathering marketing materials and finding out the most appealing themes to parents and campers.

To manage operating expenses efficiently, the ACA suggests understanding where to save, analyzing expenses and paying attention to price. Running a summer camp requires giving importance to maintenance, as it saves capital expenditures. Lastly, it's crucial to get along with the local community and offer reasonable prices to customers.

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How to Run a Summer Camp
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