How to Run an Art Gallery?


The best way to run and art gallery is to target your audience by picking a location that attracts art lovers. The design of your gallery must have great lighting for art. Research other galleries, both online and off. Find out what artist are hot. Find out what genres are hot. Then decide what artist you want in your gallery. Research those artist by going to their galleries and network with them.
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How to Run an Art Gallery
Running a successful art gallery takes hard work and planning. Different types of galleries in different environments require varying degrees of education and experience. There is no guaranteed formula or method to find a job running an art gallery or to... More »
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1. Decide what type of gallery you want to work in and learn what type of education is preferable for the job. Education may vary depending on what type of gallery you are interested
1 Develop contacts in the art world. These contacts should be amongst art collectors, artists and art media in the town where your gallery will open, and beyond. This can take years
To start an art gallery you need to find a location to showcase your artwork. If you are not selling artwork that you created yourself, you will need to purchase or consign it from
Important points to consider are: Who is your community? What programming will you be doing and how do you want to organize your shows? i.e. solo shows, mixed media, performance,
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If you want to run an art gallery then you need to have a good and big space where you can put all the paintings. Then you have to make some promotions and to ...
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1. Visit a few art galleries to see how their staff dresses. You will probably notice that many gallery assistants and directors dress rather casually, often in ...
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