How do you run away from home?


To run away from home, you need finances and a destination. First, try to find a solution to the issues at hand before running away. The best time to run away is when no one is around. Write a note explaining your intentions so that no one gets scared of your sudden disappearance and explain the reason for your leaving. To disappear without a trace, change your contacts including the mobile handset and stay away from social networks.
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1 Stop and think about your possible actions. Why do you want to run away? Is there a really good reason to run away, or are you just bored or tired with your situation? There's a
1. Take as little clothing as possible. A nice running suit doubles as leisure wear. 2. Have a map, money, and all logistic information relating to the race with you when running
go to your fiurth base
No matter the distance, you have to be able to manage it. Either if you are thousands of miles away or 1 block away you have to dedicated enough time to it to ensure its survival.
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