How to Run Diagnostics on GE Microwaves?


Running a diagnostic on a GE microwave is relatively easy. First you need to determine the model of microwave that you own. Then you will need to identify 'F' code that your microwave is giving. Once you determine the 'F' code, you will be able to refer to the GE Appliance Diagnostic manual for further instructions.
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How to Run Diagnostics on GE Microwaves
General Electric microwaves are a staple of many kitchens across the country. If you would like to run a diagnostics test on your GE microwave, you don't have to go through a lot of hassle. The error codes shown on the display will allow you to identify... More »
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1. Look on the front of the microwave for the "F1" or "F2" error. This means that your thermistor needs to be replaced. Have a service technician replace the thermistor
It will be in the line that feeds the fan motor. I looks like a disc about 1/2 " in dia. and it should have two terminals. It may be screwed into the top case. It should have
Microwave will not heat during operation
probably a relay problem on the circuit board. may only be a cracked solder connection to relay?
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When a GE Microwave runs but does not heat, you can take it to the repairman or replace it, but there are also troubleshooting guides that can help you fix it ...
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