How to Sabotage a Car?


There are many was to sabotage a car! Hitting it with a baseball bat, popping tires, spray painting the car and pouring sugar in the gas tank. I do not recommend doing any of these though!
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To sabotage a car, you can puncture the tires or put sugar in the gas tank. But, if you're caught, you could wind up in prison. Why would you want to do that?
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Squeeze a tube or two of "valve grinding compound" into a bottle of engine oil, and put it in the engine. This will cause the engine to grind away on the inside. The best
how 'bout a bottle of "stay the hell away from my car or i'll call the police" who did what to you, and why do you have an airplane up your butt?
Sabotaging someone's car isn't a good idea whether you damage
It is possible that Arctor suffered a random freak accident, and his drug induced paranoia led him (and the others) to wonder about sabotage. More likely it was sabotage, in which
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You can sabotage a car engine by draining the oil from the engine by removing oil plug since it stipulates lubrication to silky the interaction between metal parts ...
The way to sabotage a car engine or anything is to make the item not work correctly or not work at all. Beware, doing anything to someone else's property that ...
The engine of your car will heat up. ...
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