How to Save a Dying Cactus?


Cacti often suffer by unhealthy influence of growing conditions such as low temperatures, harmful chemicals, high air humidity which can lead to rot. But dying cactus can be saved by for example if the rotting spot is small, often times letting it dry out is enough. When the surgery is done for a rotten plant, you can let it dry and callous as you would a cutting, or you could apply some sulfur powder to help avoid re infection. Anti-fungal powders intended for plants would also work.
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1. Cut the top of the cacti off with a sharp knife. Make the cut at least 2 inches above the rotted plant material. 2. Leave the cut cacti piece on its side indoors in a cool, dry
Cacti are perennial and grow as trees, shrubs, or vines. Most species are terrestrial. Cactus will begin to root in anywhere form 2 to 6 weeks. When roots have established, the plant
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Either it has too much water and the roots are rotting - repot bigger and water less. Or it is not getting enough water - repot bigger and water more.
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