What can I do to save the environment?


Some of the ways in which you can save the environment at home or in your community involve recycling materials, conserving energy, planting trees, avoiding products which contain harmful substances such as CFCs, lead and mercury among others.
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To do your part, recycling is very important. If you see trash in water, take it out. Try to carpool, because the exhaust from vehicles are bad for the ozone. You can find more information
1. Turn off lights and unplug items you're not using. Cell phone chargers pull electricity even when your phone isn't charging. Stereo systems and DVD players can do the same thing.
1. Recycle. Recycling is an excellent place to start. If we couldn't recycle, there would be so much trash on the ground that we couldn't see our own feet! Recycling is great. Think
By saving energy.
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How to Save the Environment
More and more people are doing their part to help the environment by recycling paper, aluminum, glass and plastic. You can help save the environment in many other ways by making small changes to your lifestyle. To help you along, make a list of ideas to... More »
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You can save the enviroment by bringing in your own cloth bags when you go grocery shopping. Do not litter and recycle what you can. Take your bike to work instead of driving your car.
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