How to Say Goodbye in Hawaiian?


'Aloha' is used as both greeting and farewell in Hawaiian. It has a deeper meaning as an acknowledgement of the interconnected nature of all beings.
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Aloha means hello, goodbye, and love. Used in the proper context - what you are saying will be obvious. However the word for friend sounds similar > The word for friend is hoaaloha'my+friend'+in+H...
Aloha is used as both a Hawaiian greeting and a farewell. ChaCha!
1. Be sincere. Let coworkers know how much they meant to you, what influence they may have had on your life, how much they taught you or how much you appreciate them. They will appreciate
The literal translation of "hello" in English is "Aloha" and Goodbye is "a hui hou"
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Aloha is Hawaiian for Goodbye.
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