How to Say Goodbye in Hawaiian?


'Aloha' is used as both greeting and farewell in Hawaiian. It has a deeper meaning as an acknowledgement of the interconnected nature of all beings.
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There are at least seven ways to say goodbye in Hawaii, depending on who you are talking to and where you are from. To one person, it typically is Aloha 'oe. For more information
1. The most common way of saying goodbye in Spanish is "adios. Adios comes from the word "a, which means "to, and "Dios, which means "God" So, "
The literal translation of "hello" in English is "Aloha" and Goodbye is "a hui hou"
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Aloha is Hawaiian for Goodbye.
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Goodbye in Mandarin Chinese is '?? or ??'. Mandarin Chinese is known to be the official language of China and Taiwan and it has been the main language of education ...
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