How to Say Goodbye to My Students?


When you say goodbye to your students be sincere and speak from the heart. Wrap up your goodbye with words of encouragement.
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1 Prepare ahead. When a date is established, be sure you know in advance just when the student is leaving. Think to yourself, "I'm not saying goodbye. I'm saying, 'See ya later
remember about all the great times you've had, how you're going to miss them, and then about how you hope to see them soon.
1. Be sincere. Let coworkers know how much they meant to you, what influence they may have had on your life, how much they taught you or how much you appreciate them. They will appreciate
To say goodbye, you rub your hands under your armpits and wipe it on the person's cheeks that your saying goodbye to.
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How to Say Goodbye to My Students
The end of the school year can be a bittersweet time for many teachers. They have the satisfaction of knowing they’ve instilled a year’s worth of knowledge into their young charges, but it’s also a melancholy time as the student-teacher... More »
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