How to Say Hello in Italy?


When the people of Italy want to greet eachother with 'hello,' they say 'Ciao,' which is pronounced like 'Chow,' as in 'chow mix' for dogs.
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Buon giorno or Ciao ('bwon zhor-no' or 'chow') is Italian for Hello.
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Although there are many ways to say hello in Italy, the most common is "Caio" (pronounced cha-ow). It is one word that has double meaning as it also means good-bye.
Ciao is Hi, Hey or Hello in Italian.
The Italian word for hello is 'ciao'. Thanks for using ChaCha! Tell a friend!
1. Use "ni hao" as a basic hello greeting. This literally means "you fine, and is like saying "Hello, how are you? The word "ni" usually uses the third
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