How to Say Hello in Jamaican?


The words for the word 'hello' in Jamaican are Yow Wah gwaan. This is a slang word that is pronounced as 'wa-gwaan'. Some locals say, 'What a gwaan?'
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In Jamaica, many of the people that live there speak English. So to tell someone hello, simply put on your best smile and say 'Hello! They will understand!You can find more information
Wa gwaan is hello in Jamaican Patois.
Whappum! Then -- if it's male to male -- extended fist touches extended fist.
1. Say "chao" to friends and family as a way to say "hi. Pronounce "chao" like the word "chow. 2. Greet a man with "chao anh" and a woman with
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To say hello in Jamaican can be a little strange, at first. Yow Wah Gwaan is how they say hello. It is really a slang form of saying hello.
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