How to Say Hello in Jamaican?


The words for the word 'hello' in Jamaican are Yow Wah gwaan. This is a slang word that is pronounced as 'wa-gwaan'. Some locals say, 'What a gwaan?'
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Wa gwaan is hello in Jamaican Patois.
You would say "yush" in Jamaica, which means hello, similar to the slang "yo".
Whappum! Then -- if it's male to male -- extended fist touches extended fist.
Hujambo! That is the Swahili translation of the world hello in English. I can't imagine trying to learn Swahili as it's a pretty complicated language. Adios!
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To say hello in Jamaican can be a little strange, at first. Yow Wah Gwaan is how they say hello. It is really a slang form of saying hello.
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