How to Say I Miss You in Korean?


There are three ways to say 'I miss you' in Korean. The formal way is to say bo-go-sip-da or bo-go-si-po-yo. The casual way is to say bo-go-sipo. And the cute way is to say bo-go-sip-dang.
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To say hello in the korean language you would say Han-gul. This is pronounced by saying Aahn-nyong ha-say-oh. As you see their language is really stretched in the way they pronounce
(name of the person) 씨(ssi) it also can be mr or miss
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1. To say "I miss you" in Portuguese, you'll say "Sinto saudades! Saudades is prounounced "sau-da-dish" 2. "Saudade" is a verb in Portuguese that
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To say the words I miss you in the Korean language one would say eoneun dangsin-i- geuliwoyo. A great tool for translations of this type would be an English to ...
The pronunciation for 'I miss you so much' in Korean is 'No-mu po-go shi-p'o-sso-yo. The Korean characters are ?? ?? ????. A person from Korea will be able to ...
Annyonghi kaseyo is how your pronounce "bye" in Korean. Keep ChaCha... ...
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