How to Say I Miss You in Spanish?


'I miss you' in Spanish is 'Te extrano'. It is usually used when you haven't seen someone for sometime especially a relative. You can translate other words using the Free Translation website.
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1. The direct phrase for "I miss you" can depend on the geographic region of the person you are speaking with. In Spain, you are most likely to hear, "te echo de menos
If you mean the title "Miss" it is "señorita" in Spanish. It is pronounced "sehn-yo-REE-tah" Please see this site for confirmation of the translation'Miss'_in_Spa...
1. Say "te echo de menos. " [1] This phrase is a common way to say "I miss you" in Spanish even though it does not translate well directly. "Te echo de menos
extranjo tus labios.
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How to Say I Miss You in Spanish
The Spanish language spans from Spain to Mexico to Latin America. While dialects are different in each part of the world, the base for the language is the same. Spanish is a romance language and is based in Latin like French, Italian and Romanian. The... More »
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