How do you say no to a date?


The best way to say no to a date is using white lies, circumstances or situations that cannot hurt another person's feelings. Ideally, avoid being rude or sounding bad when a person makes a proposal for a relationship. People avoid relationships for various reasons including commitments to studying or work. If a person asks for a date, say no kindly depending.

Many people tend to reject relationship proposals based on a person's status or background. This is not the right way to do it. Rejecting a proposal in the right way without hurting someone's feeling or making them feel low is important. Do not feel guilty when rejecting a date. Try to give a reason that a person can understand and accept without feeling hurt. In cases where a friend or a colleague at work asks for a date, give a reasonable response and keep it personal. Some people tend to talk about it when friends or colleagues ask them for a date. This makes a person feel low when they find out about it. A person can turn down a date from strangers by saying they are already dating. People can also use cute messages attached to flowers to say no in the right way.

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How to Say No to a Date
You've been asked out by someone who you are not attracted to or that you just think of as a friend. We've all been there. The confusing, and often hardest and most uncomfortable part, is telling the person that you are not interested.... More »
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