How to Say Your Welcome in Sign Language?


There are two ways to sign your welcome. One way is to make the 'w' sign with and place it to your chin, and move it away from you like making a 'm'. The other way is the same as Thank You. With an open hand to the chin, move it away from you.
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You can say words in sign language by moving your fingers and hands in various positions. Each word has a different movement and/or position.
form a W with your hand. scoop it towards your chest. the gesture moving from someone else to yourself signals the 'your' part. or u can sign that as well. simply place a flat hand
1 Learn the basic word for "Welcome" in the following languages: Afrikaans - Welkom Arabic - أهلا وسهلا (Ahlan'wa sahla
1. Make the "help" sign. Place the right fist on top of the flat left palm. Elbows should be slightly out. Raise the hands together. This is similar to a gesture of assisting
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Here are a few ways to say Welcome in different languages. 'Ciad Mile Failte' Is 100,000 welcomes in Gaelic. 'Yokoso' means welcome in Japanese. In Afrikkans, ...
Youkoso is a generic way of saying 'you are welcome' in Japanese language. But, 'Irashairmase' is used during more formal conversations. ...
1. Learn the basic word for "Welcome" in the following languages. : Afrikaans - Welkom. Arabic - أهلا وسهل ...
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