How to Score Deer Antlers?


To score deer antlers, you should first start scoring your deer antlers by figuring out how many points you actually have, take the measurement of the inside spread of the main beams. The final score will be added to this measurement as long as it does not exceed the measurement of the longer main beam. Now make a small graph that has a section for right antlers, left antlers, and difference and also the circumferences and any abnormal points. The final step would be to add up all the differences and measurements.
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Start scoring your deer antlers by figuring out how many points you actually have. A point is considered a projection of at least one inch with the length exceeding the width at one
For mule deer antler scoring count the number of points on each antler, measure a tip
What is Deer Antler Velvet? A light covering of velvet grows on a Deer’s Antlers during a phase of rapid growth that occurs once every year. This light covering of velvet is
That's the velvet that is surrounding the growing bone portion of the antlers. This velvet and antler regrowth which occurs every year for all species under the Family Cervidae, occurs
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In order to do the scoring on your deer antlers then you will need to do allot of measuring. The measuring is done is several places and then added up. You can find more info at:
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In order to measure deer antlers, start by counting the antlers in order to determine the number of points on each antler. Measure the antlers from tip to tip ...
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