How to Season a Wooden Cutting Board?


Mineral oil is the best choice for seasoning a wooden cutting board. Other types of oils, like cooking oils, will turn rancid. You can also top coat your cutting board with beeswax, for an extra layer of protection. For more information look here:;
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How to Season a Wooden Cutting Board
Season your wooden cutting board to make it last longer. A seasoned cutting board is a healthy cutting board. Seasoning a wooden cutting board helps to keep it from being stained, absorbing food particles and building up bacteria in the wood fibers. The... More »
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If you want to know how to season a wooden cutting board, there are several tips. The season you would season a new board is to prevent the absorption of bacteria and food odors. try using mineral oil, and beeswax.
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1. Pour some mineral oil onto a soft rag. Rub the oil into the surface of the wood. Cover the entire surface of the cutting board, even if you do not plan on cutting food on the back
1. Wipe the entire surface of your cutting board with a fresh kitchen washcloth soaked in a solution of hot water and mild dish soap. 2. Fill a spray bottle with 1 tsp. of bleach
Wash it with warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly. Let air dry. Then set your oven on 200, or the lowest setting, and let it heat up. Meanwhile rub the cutting board with salad oil.
Before you cut anything on its wood surface, you should "season" the wood. "Seasoning" your cutting board means that you'll apply a coating of oil to protect
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Season a wooden cutting board by rubbing olive oil into it very thoroughly. This can be done by pouring the olive oil on to a clean cloth and rubbing the oil onto ...
Mineral oil is good for a number of different things. It can be used to remove eye makeup or to season a wooden cutting board. ...
To care for a wooden cutting board you need to first season it with mineral spirits. Never submerge in water, use salt with a bit of water to kill bacteria on ...
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