How to Season Firewood?


To season firewood, chop down the woods in sizeable pieces that can fit into the storage room. Arrange the wood in layers with each layer perpendicular to each other with enough spacing between the wood pieces. The wood should be stored high above the ground. The storage room should have enough aeration for the wood to lose the moisture. The top should be covered and the barks can act as the best cover.
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The Best Way to Season Firewood
A fireplace gives any room a warm, cozy feeling. The rich aroma of seasoned wood tantalizes your senses while the heat from the flames keeps you toasty on even the most bitter winter night. Many people with fireplaces choose to keep a woodpile near their... More »
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When you stack firewood, remember that it needs circulation to dry and be 'seasoned'. So, all you have to do is stack it in a way where each piece is turned in a different direction so it gets the most amount of circulation. Keep it off the ground, and try to keep it dry with a tarp over the top. Never stack it against the house.
There are six steps that you can do to season your firewood. First you will need to place your wood in a circle around a pole. You should be able to have seasoned firewood in three months. You can find more information here:
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1. Gather short pieces of wood. Moisture tends to collect and travel along wood grains. The longer the grain, the more moisture will be locked into the wood. Wood pieces about 1.5
1 Before drying, know the properties of your wood. The duration of seasoning depends on the wood and for deciduous trees, when the tree was felled. The sap of deciduous trees moves
Seasoned firewood is wood that has had at least 80% of the water moisture removed from it. Usually cut and split hardwood (oak, maple, ash, locust, etc) has been stacked in the sun
To season firewood mean taking the moisture content down to 25-20% from typical
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The difference between the creosote content of burning seasoned Locust firewood and green Locust firewood is green firewood has a much higher creosote content. ...
You must first choose your storage area, allow air circulation that would not keep the firewood seasoned and dry. Inspect wood thoroughly for bugs, Basements can ...
Firewood Types are green firewood and seasoned firewood. The types of firewood which burn best are oak firewood, maple firewood, hickory firewood, birch firewood ...
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