How to Seduce a Teacher?


Well if you and the teacher are both over 21 years old then it can be a chance that you can seduce a teacher by showing how intelligent you are in class.
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To seduce a teacher you could dress provocatively. Go to his or her office when they have hours and ask for extra help. You can either be crude and outright proposition them or you can be subtle and flirt with them. It's so not a good idea to get involved with your teacher.
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You can try "playing hard to get" to seduce a math teacher. Or try studying hard and
Teachers and students While it's okay to have a crush on a teacher or to think your teacher is hot, seducing a teacher is quite another matter. Consequences for the teacher could
you are a naughtly little thing - I wish you were in my classes. my head is swimming with ideas - you've got me all turne on just think baout my students - and how I woudl react if
As a teacher, I strongly urge you NOT to. You can very easily destroy this man's life. You are being selfish in the extreme. The risks may be worth it to you, as you have almost nothing
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Your teacher is there to teach and you are there to learn, not seduce or be seduced. If you are wanting to actually date your teacher (and are over 18), wait till ...
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