How to Seduce Your Professor?


Well if your the age of an adult which in some states are considered to be 18 it is possible to seduce your professor because of your looks and your intelligence.
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You can seduce a professor just like you would seduce anybody else. However, in any school this would be considered an ethics violation. If he or she falls for your charms and you are discovered, you would both be publicly shamed, he or she would probably be fired and you might well be expelled. You might want to reconsider this course of action.
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1 Research your university’s policy on student-teacher relationships. Some universities ban them completely, while others only strongly discourage them. Your relationship may
Having sexual relations with your professor can get you and the professor both in trouble. Unless you think being expelled or put on academic probation or causing him to be fired
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Just show up in class late wearing something sexy (if you show up late he is more likely to notice you). Then stay after class late pretending to have to ask him a question about
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