How to Sell Rare Stamps?


To sell rare stamps, we have to first find out the reason why it is rare. Then find out its market value. Once you have its value, you can now sell it to either the web or social media.
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1. Contact one or more philatelic auction houses specializing in the sale of rare stamps. 2. Explain that you have rare stamps you wish to sell. Be prepared to give each dealer the
There are not many that are 'rare' but there are many of the early stamps that are hard to get a hold of. The British Guinea Magenta is one of the rarest.
1. Decide which stamps you want to buy or sell. This can help you plan or organize your collection and allow you to focus on certain stamps, which may range in their time period and
If you are referring to US stamps, be aware that there are very few stamps issued after 1940 that are valuable. Might be best to borrow a stamp catalog from the library and verify
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How to Sell Rare Stamps
If you are the fortunate owner of one or more rare stamps, such as a plate block of the 1892 $5 Columbian Exposition commemorative series, or a complete sheet of the $5 Presidential Series stamps featuring the portrait of Alexander Hamilton, you own... More »
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Having a stamp collection can turn into a big payday for those who collect extremely rare stamps. Rare stamps can be found in any country and the value is accessed ...
The most common place to purchase postage stamps is at the post office. Apart from that, many grocery outlets sell stamps, as well as third-party shipping facilities ...
The USPS commemorative stamps are designed as a remembrance of the various events and actions. They are collector's items and can be sold by advertising online ...
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