How do you sell rare stamps?


To sell rare stamps, we have to first find out the reason why it is rare. Then find out its market value. Once you have its value, you can now sell it to either the web or social media.
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To sell a postage stamp: Properly identify the stamp using a postage stamp catalog. You will also have to determine the condition of the stamp. This will give you a good idea of rarity
1. Determine if your stamp is mint or used. Mint or unused stamps in very fine condition are rarer and will have greater value. Examine your stamp closely. A mint stamp in fine or
1. Decide which stamps you want to buy or sell. This can help you plan or organize your collection and allow you to focus on certain stamps, which may range in their time period and
Steve, The 1969 Baseball sheet commands a bit of a premium already, with a current Brookman retail value of $47.50 in sound condition (compared to an average of $8 for other common
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How to Sell Rare Stamps
If you are the fortunate owner of one or more rare stamps, such as a plate block of the 1892 $5 Columbian Exposition commemorative series, or a complete sheet of the $5 Presidential Series stamps featuring the portrait of Alexander Hamilton, you own... More »
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Many rare German stamps exist in private collections and museums. These stamps date back from as early as the mid 19th century to modern day misprints.Rare German ...
Most grocery stores, banks and drug stores sell postage stamps. However, special stamps or different values of stamps may only be offered at post offices.The USPS ...
The USPS commemorative stamps are designed as a remembrance of the various events and actions. They are collector's items and can be sold by advertising online ...
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