How to Sell Your Testicles?


There was a popular rumor going around that you can sell your testicles for money. This rumor has gotten more popular since the recession. This is untrue however because the selling of organs is illegal. You can find more information at
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Nowhere. There is no market for testicles.
You can donate a testicle at Fertility Center at 6569 North Charles Street, Suite 406 in
We live only once. There is never a reason that could justify such a procedure. When we radically alter our body, it is forever, for the rest of your life. Be sure to think for the
Not legal advice: It is illegal to harvest or
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The amount that you can sell your testicles for is really unknown. It is actually illegal to sell your testicles in the United States. There has been a rumor that ...
In the United States and many other countries it is illegal to sell an body organ. However, you can donate or sell sperm for as little as $20 or as much as several ...
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