How to Send a Picture from Computer to Cell Phone?


To send a picture from a computer to your own cell phone, you need to connect the cell phone with a USB cable. If you want to send pictures to the cell phone of another person, you can use an SMS site send pictures to some mobile carriers. You can find more information at www. text4free. net/
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1. Open your cell phone's camera application. Take a picture, or select a picture from your photo album, then hit "Send. 2. Choose "Email" when asked whether you'd
To send a picture to a cell phone, you first need to take a picture with your cell phone. Then you need to send what is called a PIX Message with the picture attached.
1. See if you have a USB port on your phone. 2. Buy an adapter for your computer. 3. Plug in your phone to your computer using the adapter. 4. Browse the contents for a folder named
You would have to use email. So send an email from your phone with the picture to your computer. If you don't have an email compatible phone, picture mail it to a friend that does
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To send pictures to a cell phone from your computer, just go to your email program, insert the pictures, and then send to the 10 digit cell phone number @teleflip ...
Although many websites allow you to text message from your computer to a cell phone, there are very few that allow you to send pictures. The process is still pretty ...
1. Connect the USB cable to your computer. Plug the other end into your phone. 2. Open Windows Explorer. 3. Find the drive that is designated as your phone. Then ...
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