How to Send a Picture to a Cell Phone?


You can use E-mail, bluetooth, data cable, or removable memory card to send pictures from either computer or cell phone to another cellphone. Get the detailed informations from the site below.
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To send a picture to a cell phone, you first need to take a picture with your cell phone. Then you need to send what is called a PIX Message with the picture attached.
1. Plug a USB cable into the cable port on the bottom or side of your phone. Some phones use standard USB cables, but mini-USB cables (see Resources) are increasingly used for most
1. See if you have a USB port on your phone. Ad. 2. Buy an adapter for your computer. 3. Plug in your phone to your computer using the adapter. 4. Browse the contents for a folder
1. Go to the "menu" section of your phone and select the "messages" option. Depending on the type of phone you have, you may have to select whether you want to
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How Do I Send a Picture to a Cell Phone?
Most cellphones are capable of sending and receiving pictures. The pictures may be used for screen savers, added to slideshows or saved as memories. You can send a picture to another cellphone user directly from your handset. If you do not have access to... More »
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To send a picture email to a Sprint cell phone number is fairly easy. All you need to do for the address is send it to the ...
In order to send a picture from your computer to someone's cell phone in text message format, you'll need an email account. In the email, attach the picture from ...
I have a samsung from AT&T and the way I send ringtones from one cell phone to another is by selecting the tone I want to send. Next I click the send via ...
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