How to Send a Picture to a Cell Phone?


You can use E-mail, bluetooth, data cable, or removable memory card to send pictures from either computer or cell phone to another cellphone. Get the detailed informations from the site below.
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1 Find the picture on your phone. Ad 2 Usually there is a button that allows you to share the photo. This varies from phone to phone. Look for it and press it. 3 When offered options
1. Open your email client on your computer or open your Web mail client if you use Gmail, Yahoo Mail or a similar service. Click the "Compose" or "New" button
1. Press the "MENU" button. Navigate to "Messages" or "Text Messages. Select "Compose a New Message. 2. Type in the AT&T number of the person you
1. Log into the work or personal email client you're using to send the email to the Cingular customer. 2. Click on the "Write" or "Compose" link found on the email
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How Do I Send a Picture to a Cell Phone?
Most cellphones are capable of sending and receiving pictures. The pictures may be used for screen savers, added to slideshows or saved as memories. You can send a picture to another cellphone user directly from your handset. If you do not have access to... More »
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