How to Send a You Tube Video and Track the Hits on It?


You can send a YouTube video to a friend by clicking on the share button. You won't be able to track the hits it gets though. If you have uploaded a video to YouTube you can track the hits simply by looking at your video hits and seeing how many people have viewed it.
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1. Launch your Web browser and go to the YouTube website (link in Resources) 2. Browse or search for a video, and then click the thumbnail of a video to start watching it. 3. Click
On the YouTube home page, click the. Browse. link that is just right of the. Search. bar. On the next page, click the. Most Viewed. link (located under the grey bar found under the.
It means you get 5000 views on Youtube. Now how does it affect your video ? It all depends on how long it took you to get that 5000 views, if it got more views than other videos in
The YouTube video that is most popular is titled "The Most Popular YOUTUBE
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