How to Send CV by Email?


To send CV by email, start by reading the instructions for submission if the company to which you are applying has provided any. Then, open your CV in your PC's word processor, select 'File', click 'Save As', enter a title and click 'Save'. After that, log in to your email account and click 'Compose'. Finally, click 'Attach', locate your CV on your computer, click 'Select' and then click 'Send'.
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1. Read the instructions for submission if the company provided any. Some prefer email attachments, while others may want you to paste the cover letter and/or CV directly into the
After you have composed (written) your email, then enter the name of the recipient in the TO block. After you have entered all the recipients, then select 'send'. That is all there
Write a generic letter like: Good Day Sir/Mam, I am blah blah blah. Then attached your CV. Add the subject line: "part time job applicant" or to what kind of position that
The body of your email should be your letter of application, which should be kept formal and professional with no less effort than if you were posting it. Follow all the usual guidelines
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