How to Send Free SMs?


You can send free SMS by using the yahoo messenger. From the tab, send sms message enter the phone number of the person you wishes to send an sms including your message.
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1. Go to a site that allows free texting to other countries or specifically to Ireland (See References) 2. Enter your text message and the cellphone number of the person you want
You can send free sms messages thru the added features of yahoo messenger. Just log on with your yahoo id's and click send sms message then type the number of the person whom to send
if its a tcell customers. then go to and u can send free sms to tajikistan. but tcell users only.
There are several services that allow you to send free SMSes to India., and come to mind. However, it must be noted that these are ad-supported
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Ways to Send Free SMS
SMS messages, which are short messages sent through message services, are a communication option most commonly associated with text messaging on a phone, though a phone service is not the only way to send SMS messages. There are free services available... More »
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You can send free SMS text messages by using a company that will send the message for you at no cost. A couple of those companies are Online Text Message and Text For Free. You can find more information at
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Most mobile phones require a contract or extra fees in order to send SMS messages. Fortunately, there are ways to send free SMS to mobile phones. The main way ...
One of the ways to avoid the fees that can be connected to texting from a cell phone is by using a PC computer to send free SMS messages to a mobile phone. The ...
There are several applications and programs that allow a user to send free SMS from the PC to a mobile phone. SMS messaging stands for Short Message Service, often ...
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