How to Send Free SMs in Mobiles?


Most mobile phones require a contract or extra fees in order to send SMS messages. Fortunately, there are ways to send free SMS to mobile phones. The main way is sending a mass email to cell phones. Most email providers allow phone numbers to take the place of regular emails.
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1. Open the "App Store" or "Market" on your mobile phone. Click on the App Store icon to open the marketplace, where you'll be able to download applications for
You can send free SMS messages using a free messaging service online. In addition, you can type in a mobile number in Yahoo Messenger and send a text message to a friend's cell phone
I use this website: Source. You have free international sms without ads. And your number is displayed as if you've sent the message from your own cell phone.
just go on register your number and start
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How to Send Free SMS in Mobiles
Many "smart phones," such as the Apple iPhone and Motorola Droid X, allow users to download and install applications that support free and unlimited SMS and text messaging. In addition to SMS and text messaging services, applications such as Handcent SMS... More »
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