How to Send Mobile Phone Viruses?


Mobile phone viruses can be sent via Bluetooth or over a Wi Fi network. You should not send viruses to phones as such can damage both the sender and recipient's mobile phones. Antivirus software such as Kaspersky Mobile Security can be used to remove any virus from a mobile device.
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You send the infected file to the other person's phone. If they open the file, the virus is put to effect. So, check for the source of whatever file you are receiving and verify it
1. Send the ringtones straight from the Internet to your cellular device. Many websites-for instance, Zedge, Myxer or Phonezoo-let you select ringtones on the website. Simply enter
Mobile phones use micro waves to send infortmation from one mobile phone to another. They are sent to a phone mast and then sent to the other phone, people are worried on what effects
1. Turn on your phone. 2. Open the Kaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile application. 3. Select the "General" tab, then select "Update. Your phone should automatically update.
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