How to Send Perishable Food by Mail?


To send perishable food by mail it's best to use a service like UPS or FedEx rather than the USPS. Schedule your delivery for early in the week, otherwise you risk the food sitting in the warehouse all weekend. Pack the food in tightly sealed airtight containers.
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1. Register for a dry ice shipping class if you intend to ship your package via airmail. The U.S. Department of Transportation and Air Transport Association require dry ice package
I would call or visit a UPS store and ask them. They are the experts and do it all the time.
The best fastest way to send perishable items via
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The first step to shipping perishable foods is to first ensure from the carrier that you can actually send perishables. Some carriers have restrictions. After ...
1. Ask your local mail delivery company if they deliver perishable food items, such as fruit bouquets. Some companies will not deliver these items, while others, ...
Sending food through the postal mail service has to be done in a way that the food stays preserved and will not leak or spill. If you are sending frozen items ...
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