How to Separate a Rusted Galvanized Pipe?


It is easy to separate a rust from a galvanized pipe. You should clean the pipe, apply oil-based lubricant, let it sit for a while, knock out the rust, which effectively separates the rust from the pipe.
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1. Put on your leather work gloves. Clear an area around the rusted galvanized pipe with the seized connection. Remove flammable materials from the area that you will be working.
I find a wire brush is usually enough to clean threads. .
muriatic acid is hydrochloric acid. It will remove and zinc it comes in contact with. Leaving the metal bare and rusting away. Wire brush the tank and apply a coating of Neutra Rust
unfortunately not much, you can get a 'rust converter' or 'rust dioxider' product that will prevent it from spreading and will give the rust a black appearance or you can sand it
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How to Separate a Rusted Galvanized Pipe
Galvanized water pipes have a tendency to rust from the inside out causing the threaded joints used to install the pipe rust together, freezing the connection in place. When you attempt to break the seized connection free, you will find the connection... More »
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