How to Serve God?


To serve God, you should pray to him daily. Thank you him for all that he has given you, praise him for his greatness, and ask for more blessings. A lot of people like to serve God with other followers in church or some type of religious meeting.
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Take one of the major steps in serving God by establishing and nurturing a relationship with Him. Bible study and prayer are the two basic ways of starting out. Realize He is your
1 Pray. Pray anywhere, everywhere. In your head, out loud, eyes open or closed-- doesn't matter to God, just talk to Him. He'll appreciate you telling Him your feelings. And, hey,
Allsaints served God. If they did not, they would not have the title of saint.
Establishing and nurturing a relationship with God is one of the main ways to serve him. Also do
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A god child is an individual for whom another person serves as a god father or a god mother during baptism. The god father or mother acts as the child's sponsor ...
Isaiah 29:13 is the scripture passage that talks about serving God with your heart and not just your lips. God is talking about people who bless him with their ...
According to my parish priest God placed Adam in the Garden of Eden with the responsibilities to name all the animals of the earth and to serve God. The Garden ...
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