How to Service a Hydraulic Jack?


A hydraulic jack has several components including a ram piston and a few pieces of leather and rubber. The only thing that needs to be serviced are the working parts. Make sure to keep them oiled. Also, retrack the ram piston. Servicing a Hydraulic Jack
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1. Remove the handle from the handle socket. 2. Engage the slots in the end of the handle with the studs on the release screw located on the base plate at the bottom of the ram. Slowly
A hydraulic jack works by pumping fluid from a reservoir into a small cylinder, which then pressurizes a larger cylinder. A full stroke of the smaller piston creates a small stroke
Understand the principle of a hydraulic jack.See source link.…. Source(s)….
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How to Service a Hydraulic Floor Jack
A floor jack is made from a sturdy metal framework on wheels that utilizes a horizontally mounted hydraulic cylinder. This allows the jack to have a low profile so that it can be rolled under your work easily, then pumped with the jack handle to raise... More »
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Hydraulic jacks can be serviced by draining the old hydraulic oil out, and removing the seal. Replace the worn out seal with a new one, then add new hydraulic fluid. For more information look here:;
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