How to set as home page?


Setting your home page is one of the options you can set with your browser. Going to the Options tab on your browser can give you the chance to type in your home page.
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Home is a lovely place to be... that is if you can set it up how you want it. Each browser will be slightly different, but the basic procedure is the same. Open your internet browser
1. Double click on your Internet browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. 2. Type in the Web page address that you would like to become your home page into into the address
Really I think the best home page is the new tab page in chrome. You can get to bookmarks, commonly visited sites, recently closed tabs (even from the last time you used chrome) and
1. Click on the "browser" button on Android. 2. Hit the menu button when the browser loads. Select "Settings. 3. Click "Set homepage" screen that appears.
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The first step to setting up a personal home page is to choose a domain name, one that is easily recognizable. Now that you’ve got your name, you need to ...
To set a new home page you simply need to find the settings in your browsers options menu. Remove the old home page and add the new one. In Firefox this option ...
To change your homepage within Internet Explorer, select 'tools' and then 'internet options'. In the top box, type in the full address of the website you'd like ...
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